The Art of Wine Labels From Jean Carlu to Gerhard Richter

Something is so common about the various wines of the world. One concept makes it clear, a wine label. There is no better way to identify wine through the art on its name. Such a method works quite well for any brand and the message it puts out there, but why say this? Only one story answers this question, what is frankly, the Art of Wine Labels from Jean Carlu to Gerhard Richter:

Coined about 80 years ago is the Château Mouton Rothschild. The latest of its creations are the works of Gerhard Richter. Richter is a combination of styles and talent who looks at photography differently. On a normal day, he spreads paint of enamel on a plexiglass plate and comes up with mindblowing drawings. On finishing one will see Richter place of use one on top of the other after checking whether the image is evenly done by using photography. In the same way, he created the latest design of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild in 2015.

Who is Richter?

Gerhard Richter was born in 1932. He bases a lot of his art on a mutual relationship between painting and photography, and abstraction. His work with Mouton has added a new feeling to the wine, giving it the perfection it requires. Richter does this by fixing moving colors on a photo taken at a particular time.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild

A painter Jean Carlu did the first of its kind in 1924.  This brand was at the time under the ownership of a Baron, Philippe e Rothschild. Carlu was the first painter actually to design the Mouton label. It was at that time an isolated initiative until later when the Baron crowned the label, V that stood for victory done by a painter Philippe Jullian.

Such a step led to the practice of an every year design by a different artist. Most of the artists chosen to do the artwork were friends of Baron Philippe like Jean Hugo and Jean Cocteau. In 1955, an artist Georges Braque agreed to demonstrate about the vintage, he was later followed by artists like Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Bacon Balthus among many others each contributed in the development of a new artwork each year.

Today, the brand is owned by the Rothschilds, Philippe Sereys, Julien and Camille that have been deciding who should handle the artwork.  They have for a long time been deciding who will handle Mouton’s artwork. The artists have been allowed autonomy to come up with their designs, use their themes. However, most of them have still beautifully based themes on the Mouton Emblem, Vines and drinking sensations.

Surprisingly, the artists do not receive any fee for their artworks. However, they are offered cases of the Mouton and their vintage as a token of appreciation.

The Baroness initiative in 1981 gave rise to a traveling exhibition. The paintings of the labels were showcased in a myriad of museums across the world. Today, a permanent display at Mouton is in a space the Baroness set aside in 2013. The area is between the vat house and the Museum Of Wine In Art.

It is quite evident that the Mouton brand design has evolved. All thanks to art and the works of hugely talented artists that have made sure they give the Mouton wine the image and the message it deserves. The artists have respected what was once not a behavior of the brand until Baron Philippe made it culture. Through the label, one can trace the history of this great brand and never drift from the fact that art is the everything of something.


Del Naja, the Massive Attack Band, or Gunningham. Who’s Banksy and Why He’s So Famous?

Life is full of mysteries. Such is just not about the happenings of the life of man but also the anonymity of some people. For many years, an anonymous artist, named Banksy has surprised people through his works. Some trusted sources have been able to put together what could fully describe Banksy and reduced the mystery connected to his name as below. First of all if you still doubt about graffiti as an art you should read this is graffiti art essay.

Who is Banksy?

Banksy is a famous but anonymous artist know for many controversial and quite excellent works of art. He is hugely known for doing his art in the night only to be discovered early in the day, which could be the reason that few or none know what he looks like. His latest of pieces have been seen in New York. The artwork demonstrates unhappiness about the imprisonment of Turkish artist and newsperson Zehra Dogan.

Today Banksy is referred to as the Scarlet Pimpernel of the world of art. His works are entirely street graffiti which hugely makes him a quite talented and straight thinking person. Banksy’s first of artwork was in the early 90s. He often expressed distaste for corruption and inequality as well as coining art to humor.

The first of his worst was popularly witnessed in areas of southern England, amongst them London, Bristol, not forgetting quite prominent international locations. It is believed that he has never wanted to reveal himself for fears of prosecution for vandalism.

Many times people thought it was Banksy

People usually want to show they know the anonymous and they raise fingers. The most recent of such cases people thought they know Banksy is as follows:

  • The first to be termed Banksy was Robin Gunningham. This was about ten decades ago. Some researchers through geographic profiling tried to connect the timeliness of artworks by Banksy to the locations of Gunningham. Later his representatives denied search allegations.
  • Last year, Robert Del Naja was the suspected Banksy when a Bristol-based DJ Goldie named a Massive Attack Band Member and personal friend Naja as a brilliant artist. He goes ahead to say that Naja has flipped the world of art, such causes uproar as people end up thinking Del Naja was Banksy.
  • On another occasion, people have talked about Banksy being a group of artists. The artists in these case, a group of street artists.  Two years ago, a Scottish journalist, Craig Williams was heard saying that Del Naja was a member of the group of street artists.

What are works that have made Banksy famous?

The works of Banksy have been witnessed in most parts of the world. However, most of them have appeared in the United Kingdom. The artist has done over a hundred graffiti drawings for the last three decades. The most common being:

There is Always Hope

This work appeared in London in the South Bank in 2003. The artwork encompasses a young girl that is reaching for a balloon that takes the shape of a heart.


The European Flag

Banksy latest of artworks was just at the inception of Brexit. The painting was done in Dover. The image portrays a man at work on a ladder removing one of the yellow stars as a result of Britain’s exit from the EU.

The Government Spies Telephone Box of the GCHQ

April 2014, Banksy’s piece was witnessed in Cheltenham. The image showed three men in sunglasses spying on a telephone box. These were in the height of leaked files by a former intelligence agent Edward Snowden on the methods used by intelligence to spy on citizens.

Draw The Raised Bridge

At the beginning of this year, January 2018, an image titled Draw the Raised Bridge was witnessed in Hull, England. In not a long time city councilors ordered for the removal of the mural. They affirmed that it was a well-done work, on covering image, such action public uproar.

It is evident that for three decades, an anonymous artist, Banksy has been able to communicate about the localities, governance, and intrigues of England and wide through art. Still, no one can put an image to this person.